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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the planet needs you

I pay attention to dreams and visions.  Just now, still in the wake of understanding the semi-rejection of my novel in it's present form, I decided to do some shamanic journey work on the subject. 

The question I asked was:  "What direction should I take now that will lead me to the next highest level of my evolution as a human being."  I won't share the vision I received here just now.

I will say it was powerful.  Again, I will be discerning its meaning for some time, as visions and dreams are a non-linear mystery.  I will also share that one key image in the journey was my being flung into the stars by a teacher.

This made me think of a term I've heard:  Star Nation.  Not having been trained in Native American teaching and being an anglo saxon used to instant gratification, of course, I googled "Star Nation." 

You might be interested in one of the links I foll0wed.  It is the art and teaching of Rod Bearcloud Berry.  The first link speaks to his interpretation of messages from crop circles, messages he believes are sent from the Star Nations.  And the second link is to his own gallery.  His art is phenomenal, highly spiritual, powerful!

The last few lines, especially one, of the teaching under the first link spoke to me and seemed to speak directly to the interpretation of my own vision today.

" I believe our planet is in a desperately bad place at the moment with overwhelming turmoil. Few people really recognize the state we are in, but for those that do. There is still time. Believe the planet can heal and change. Every person is a cell of a body of their country that has influence. Those who are walking the correct road are very valuable in assisting this change. The planet needs you, really needs you. Thank you for your help."

I am humbled and empowered by his words.


  1. i am curious about the journey! HOw do you get to such a place?! I coincidentally enough was googling native american spiritual journeys and retreats yesterday! I am interested in learning!! Should you like to shar how you cam to be among the stars!

  2. I took the basic course offered by this organization many years ago here in San Antonio. If you scroll to the bottom of the homepage of this website, you'll see information about the basic workshop. As always, use discernement when choosing a teacher.


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