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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Light of Great Beauty

I have been revisiting the Course In Miracles 3rd as a tool for morning meditation.  Occasionally, when I settle back into stillness, I begin to "hear" a straightforward communication from my guides.  I do not hear an audible voice, but instead a stream of coherent thought occurs.  This is how Helen Schucman, the author of the Course describes her own experience, as merely taking a sort of dictation.  Much of the follow thought I offer is as a result of my twenty year study of the Course and how its teachings have integrated my spiritual understanding.  However, this "block" of teaching I received is written here exactly as I received it during my meditation and is not contrived or composed as an essay might be.  To my knowledge, there is only one direct quote from the Course in this teaching and it appears in quotation marks and is from Lesson 31 on page 48 in the Workbook for Students.  It is a particularly pivotal lesson in my own spiritual growth process, one to which I often turn for changing my mind and calling forth the "Holy Instant."

You will notice that the pronoun "I" is used in the first paragraph as the voice of the ego self and in the second paragraph  as the voice of the Teacher.  In the Course, the teacher's voice is identified as The Christ.  When I dowse to discern whose voice is coming through during this dictation, my guides indicate that it is also the voice of The Christ.

Now you know, if you have been reading my blog, that I have great doubt, even resistance to current religious context for The Christ.  Nevertheless, the teachings of The Christ do form the foundation for my spiritual understanding and my studies have shown, along with direct knowings like this one, that the same Great Wisdom that spoke through The Christ has also spoken throughout history, incarnate in many teachers, and continues to speak in the present day to and through those "who have ears to hear" and courage to speak.

So, it is with deep gratitude and profound humility that I offer to you what has been give to me. Perhaps the Truth of this teaching will be of value to you as well.

August 27, 2010
Meditation Dictation

It is not my job to change the world I see because the world I see is illusion.  It is only my job to correct the errors I have made in my perception of the world I see.  What I think I see may not be so.  I set down the burden of decision.  It is not my job to decide what is so and what is not so.  I have only to look on All Things with Love.  That is enough.  I do not have the eyes of Love.  But there is One Who Loves who will see through me for me if I will let Her.

Bodies die and decay yet I am alive.  Do not look with the body's eyes.  They cannot see.  Only I can see Truly.  Beyond the veil of flesh and appearances shines a Light of Great Beauty.  Do not hold it bound.  You cannot.  But you can choose not to see.  That choice does not dim the Light at all.  You are the Light and not the darkness, "not the victim of the world you [have] seen."  Let the moment come when All That You Are is all that you see.

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