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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Raising the Energy of Love: Affirmative Practice

                                          Artist Unknown

“Prayer is most effectively sent when each person in the world ‘raises their energy of love’ by imagining a scene where the peoples of the world are living in peace…I have decided to call out to my fellow global citizens.  Let us pray by putting our hands together in the prayer position.  [You must] start praying for yourself, [then] something will definitely change in yourself.  And when more and more of your fellow men [and women] change in the same way, your surroundings will change, society will change, the country will change and the world will change…”

                                             Masaru Emoto 

Try using these affirmations as a way of "raising your energy of [Self] love."  At first, these may seem simplistic statements, redundant even.  But if you allow yourself to simply focus the mind in this way, paying attention only to these words, taking a deep breath between each line or phrase, focusing on the breath and bringing the mind back when it wanders to focus only on these words and the breath, you will notice a shift in your vibrational frequency for the better.  This is subtle work, but its effect is powerful.  

If possible, find a quiet space.  Perhaps you will light a candle to signify sacred time.  No worries if you have only five minutes.  Practice affirmations for five minutes then.  Try repeating the affirmations several times daily as a practice for training the mind.  Then, when apparent crisis seems present, you will be able to summon the affirmations as a way of calming and centering. 

If you find that you do not believe what you are saying (reading) in the affirmations, simply tell the mind, "I notice that my mind does not yet believe these statements.  Nevertheless, I state them now as Truth, denying the power of any disbelief."   

I am breathing now
I am breath
I am the breathing

I am forgiving now
I am forgiven now
I am the forgiving

I am whole now
I am the wholeness
I am the whole

I am healing now
I am the healing
I am the healer

I am opening now
I am open now
I am the opening

I am aligning now
I am aligned now
I am the alignment

I am present now
I am the present
I am the Presence

I am flowing now
I am the flow
I am the flowing

I rock
I am rocked
I am the rocking

I root
I am rooted
I am the rooting

I reach
I am reached
I am the reaching

I touch, I am touched, I am the touching

I stretch, I am stretched, I am the stretching

I lengthen, I am lengthened, I am the lengthening

In wholeness All is Unified, Here is now, Now is here, All is Now.

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