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Monday, April 12, 2010

Letting Go

Today my neighbor brought me a yellow sweet pepper to plant in the garden she knows I want to have, but don't. Well, now I do, because we went straight out to plant the two inch beauty that promises to deliver nourishment in a matter of weeks. While we were outside, we spoke to the neighbor next door who was planting tomatoes. He asked, "You got a tomato plant yet?" Well, no I hadn't gotten one yet, so he gave me two. I planted those on the spot as well. Boom. A veggie garden!

On another venue (, I've been writing about letting go of things, and about how just this fall I let go of having a wild scape of native Texas wildflowers in the very same area of our homestead acre as we had just planted this serendipitous veggie garden. I've been understanding a new levels how letting go creates space in which the Universe can create something new. I'm especially aware of how things to which I find myself intensely attached are often the very things I am (it seems) required to release. And when I do, they often become manifest in my life very quickly in ways I could never have imagined.

For example, as we were planting, I noticed my neighbor's field. It is full of wildflowers: primrose, bluebonnet, coreopsis, and buttercups growing everywhere in profuse, abundant abandon. These are in HER yard, not mine. Envy gave me a sarcastic wink. I flinched.

But wait. Only a few feet from where we stood, where I thought (for twenty some years I tried to make this happen) I would have said wild scape, now...this spring...a NATURAL wild scape has emerged. It's not as delicious as my neighbor's showing, but it is showing. I have spider wart, primrose, buttercup, coreopsis, black-foot daisies and more. Some might say the reason for this year being the year this wild scape has emerged is the extraordinary rains we've had. But I think, it's happened because I let go.

Even more interesting, is the fact that, Mr. Friendly (a nickname given my spouse of thirty years who usually does not play well with others) has decided to enjoy the natural landscape and let the flowers have their way with that particular section of the yard he usually mows but hasn't.

I know there are many other "things" of which I probably should let go and allow the Universe to bring to me in more natural ways. Working for applause might be one of them.

I don't think starting a new blog is surrendering the need for applause. Do you?

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