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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I am offering an hour long Healing Touch Session (not massage) at my new San Antonio space for a suggested donation of $25 to the first ninety-three clients who schedule an appointment with me.  I will be receiving four clients per day at 9 and 10:30 AM and 12:30 and 2PM (except for occasions when my schedule may vary) and I will be working from the West Ave. space every other Tuesday and Friday (Tuesday one week and Friday the next except when my schedule varies). 

I am delighted to be sharing space with Carol Masters, RN, LMT, Reiki Practitioner!  The space is comfortable, generous and somewhat centrally located in the Commons West professional office building.  Here is a Google Maps link to the location:  11230 West Ave. #2207, SAT 78213


During the first session (unless I have seen you before), I will do a fifteen minute intake interview to determine your healing goals and get a brief health history and you will receive a forty-five minute hands-on session on the table that includes time for feedback at the end of the session.  In subsequent sessions (yes, you can book more than one and in fact I encourage it because the power of subtle energy work is cumulative), the update is much shorter, allowing more time for hands-on interventions. 

Healing Touch interventions address the client's health holistically from a mental, physical, emotional, and psychological level.  Interventions are done with the client fully clothed and resting comfortably on a massage table with meditative music and dim lighting.  I may also use therapeutic grade essential oils as part of your session.  My hands will either rest lightly on or slightly off the body as we work together.  Most clients feel deeply relaxed and centered durng and after a session, and may experience sensations of warmth, cold, tingling, movement, vibrations, etc.  Most achieve a deep state of relaxation and often sleep.  Reasons to seek Healing Touch are myriad, but Healing Touch is especially effective for helping manage pain, realeasing emotional/psychological blocks, decreasing the need for medical/pharmaceutical interventions or increasing the effectiveness of those treatments.  Research shows that surgical patients recover more quickly and need less medication for pain.  Generalize fatigue and stiffness can also be eliminated and or improved with Healing Touch. And when a person cannot receive massage, Healing Touch is an excellent alternative.  For more information about the Healing Touch Program specifically, click To view a YouTube introduction to Healing Touch, click here.


If you have never received energy work before, I encourage you to give this a try.  You can't beat the cost and you will be doing me a favor!  I need to document one hundred sessions of Healing Touch in order to complete the HT certification process.  I can work with five clients long distance (by telephone) or on animals as well.  Please email (dellisphelps@gmailcom), comment on this post, or call me (830-515-9204) to book your appointment and suggest this powerful opportunity to a friend.



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