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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Physician Heal Thyself

Look at this!  It's really happening!  I have been visualizing this piece of my property dripping with birds and wind chimes, bronze sculptures, and crunchy pathways, hanging vines and Elementals for AGES!  Apparently, I'm ready to receive because my neighbor built the trellis shown here as support for the native Mustang grape vine last week and Earth Man is helping him install it.  I got so happy about this that a couple of days ago, in the blistering hot, I swung a pick axe (something I haven't been physically able to do well for years) ALLLL day leveling a spot for the patio bricks upon which the trellis will rest and under which I will happily sit, espeically in the morning with coffee.  I now have a  perfect spot for Mom's wind chime, the pink one with the hummingbird clackers and a tenor voice. 


So much good is happening now.  I have made a transition and I  know it.  I feel happy most days.  Wait.  Did I just say that?  YES!  I did.  Wow.  I can remember the day a few years ago (maybe ten) when  I sat on a cement sidewalk with a woman I know saying that happiness had eluded me most of my life.  And it has.  I had no idea how to be and stay in joy, how to lighten up, though many, many, many well-intended individuals have advised me to do so.  They just didn't know how to help me do it.

I don't take credit for the emotional sense of well being I am now experiencing more often than not (the credit goes to the Highest Understanding), but I do take credit for the willingness and the steadfast perseverance I've held to do the "work" of individuation and the courage I've had (that has been granted me) to walk the dark mystery of personal spiritual growth, turning time and time again away from the problem (my mind) toward the solution, which is Spirit.

Two years ago this month, I came under the care of San Antonio DO, Donna Becker ( was a mess.  I am eternally grateful for her wisdom and careful attention to my needs.  I highly recommend her.  She adjusted my hormone levels with bio-identical hormones and encouraged me to continue my journey toward healing, telling me that it was indeed possible, and pointing me to the book From Fatigued to Fantastic.

I followed her instructions and those of the book, receiving an actual TMJ dysfunction remedy by San Antonio orthodontist Dr. Risto Hurme, (, letting my body rest, receiving Healing Touch and Rolfing, and finally in March of '11 giving up sugar (almost succeeded in giving up caffeine, but not quite yet).

Also, I've just returned, for example, from a retreat in the Georgia woods where I studied Healing Touch (HT) Level Four, received the gifts of eight consecutive sessions of HT with other students, walked the Labyrinth (twice), walked the woods, and listened deeply to the river and to myself.  I was moved, literally, into a new vibrational level.  My poem on the "what i write page" of this site was written there.  I have written several since. 

This weekend, I studied again, this time a version of cranio sacral therapy as a compliment to my HT practice and learning.  Again, I met powerful, authentic women and experienced a Great Movement within me.  More later.  Today, I received a long distance session from the therapist who taught the class, and together, we identified a somatic trauma pattern that I've long held and that I've known (sensed) was present but couldn't budge without help.  I sensed its movement within me today and felt it shift.  YES!  YES! YES!  Positively orgasmic these holistic ways of being present to the Self so that the self can heal.

Further, I've seen a practitioner within the last month who gave me an Electrodermal Screening and identified possibile patterns/blockages for me/with me for which I've been receiving herbal and homeopathic remedies for about 18 days.  And, since I found (reknowned sound healer), I've been doing a specific meditation his guides recommend for receiving Light Source Energy Medicine.  At any rate, I am feeling positive, clear, focused, motivated, energetic, and grounded.  Good.  Plus, my physical stamina becomes stronger by the day as I've added vigorous exercise into my days (and for about six years prior to 2011, any physical exertion at all created a serious back lash in my body that felt like the flu). 

I'm simply amazed and full of gratitude.

So, your guess is as good as mine as to the actual fulcrum for my present state of expanded awareness, but I'll take it! Yessiree, I'll take it!



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