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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Making Room for George: A Love Story (Balboa Press, 2013)


Making Room for George: A Love Story

My first novel, based on real events, is a story of transformation.

Bet Kinders’ father-in-law, George, is in trouble. His girlfriend is stealing from him and, it turns out, she has a pimp who’s threatening his life. While something has to be done, George moving in with Bet and her husband, Steve could prove to be more than the family can bear.

Making Room for George explores how relationships shift in one woman’s life under the influence of sexual ambiguity, marriage and motherhood, parent-child role reversal, and redefining partnership. The book examines the roles played by upbringing, cultural pressure, addiction and self-denial in these relationships.

Readers will be moved as Bet confronts her own demons, finds the way to self-acceptance, and learns the meaning of true love.

This is a love story, tender and bittersweet. Readers, especially women, will rally behind, and be inspired by the heroine’s journey out of denial and into self-actualization.

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