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Friday, September 27, 2013

Road Crew: four working; 25 watching

How many vultures does it take to keep the byways cleaned of carcass?  I count twenty-nine here, the most, by the way, I've ever seen concentrated on one roadkill in my neighborhood.  Must be slim-pickings this fall.

One Shamanic practitioner I know calls them the Peace Eagles, indicating their medicine.  In the Hill Country, we call them the Road Crew.  

I can just see them wearing their little florescent vests with the reflective strip and yellow hard hats.  The three closest to the carcass work to clear the mess with shovels.  The fourth one, further from the carcass, but still nearer than the others, leans on his broom.  The ones nearer the fence and on the ground have just finished their shift of shoveling and are headed to the ice house for beer.  

The ones sitting on the fence are supervisors.  They graduated from A&M. :)

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