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Friday, June 25, 2010

New Poem Today

outside the cyclone fence 
surrounding the space i call home
horrific predictions
(the end is near, again!)

but here in the Cicada's drone-
a long, dry, hum
a rhythmic, Shaman's rattle speaks:

take off your shoes
bare your feet
put your back down
let the earth's spine silence your mind
(it cannot help you now)
only the slow roll of ocean
healing her own wounds
she-a forgiving teacher
keep the peace
keep the peace
keep the peace

          D. Ellis Phelps, 2010

 Surfing twitter after the British Petroleum oil well began spilling oil into the Gulf, I read a comment in response to Obama's notion that rage against BP is counterproductive.  The comment, paraphrased, asked, "What am I supposed to do with the rage?"  

I've been thinking about that.  And today, a question arose from the ether as I wrote in my journal:

"Did the oil vomiting from the earth's core cause the people's rage?  Or did the people's rage cause the earth to vomit oil?"  

If you are wondering what I mean, read Love Thyself: The Message from Water III (v. 3) by Masaru Emoto.  His research indicates that if all of us: individuals, priests, ministers, rabbis, gurus, healers, and people of all faiths would turn our thinking away from rage and distress over the apparent problem in the ocean and literally, prayerfully send the energy of loving-kindness to the water, holding her in our thought in Light and claiming her wholeness by the power of All that is Holy, we could, on this physical plane, by the focus of our thought change the chemical make-up of  each Chrystal of water and help the ocean clean itself up.  Even better, if we gathered at her shores from all around the world en mass in this effort, we would make an even bigger impact toward her healing.  

The converse is also true.  If we continue to focus our attention on the problem with rage, we are causing it to worsen.

Of course, I want British Petroleum Company and all governments and scientists around the world to cooperate toward finding a scientific and or mechanical solution to the challenge, but I cannot stress how important it is to our well being as a species and to the well being of the planet that we join our minds in this way.  I think this distress, and others like it over the past years are powerful opportunities for us to learn the lesson that we are One, that we are Divine Beings, that connected to our Source, we have the power to heal each other and the planet.

And most importantly, that disconnected from Source, wandering around unaware, allowing our thoughts to focus on negative appearances HAS POWER!  ALL THOUGHT HAS POWER with actual, real-time, physical results.  The choice we have is how we use our power.  And we are using it whether we are conscious of it or not.

I have not asked this before, but now I do.  Please send these thoughts forward into the Universe to everyone you know.  Send them by email, tweet them, text them, speak them to friends, hold them in your heart, and most importantly, think them.  Do it right now.  

Settle back, breathe deeply, relax, invite Spirit, set your intention to do no harm, and send loving-kindness to yourself, to each other (even those with whom you are at odds), to British Petroleum Company, and to the waters.  Bless All with Divine Intelligence, Harmony, and Peace.  

This is what we can do right now, from our own space, every time we think about it, every day until and after the "new apparent problem" is solved.  Because this is how we solve the real problem.

If you choose to join me in tandem practice from where you are in this effort, do so at 5:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time or 12 Noon Central Standard Time daily for five minutes.  

And so It Is.  Aho!

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  1. D,

    I love your message. It is a wonderful way to shifting the energy for the ocean and Mother Earth, and all of us!

    I must say, after reading your last blog entry, I have been in that unable to write or paint mode, quite angry at times at different things in my life, and I cannot stop the anger. It's almost as if I am feeling what Mother Earth has felt, a minor earthquake erupting through my mouth. And yet, as quickly as I release it, I am forgiving of myself, and ask forgiveness of those around me. It seems to be a lesson in forgiveness and a quickening of that on so many levels.

    Somehow I believe that it's all fine...all our moments and all our experiences, and yet I know that prolonged negative thoughts do have an impact; luckily, positive ones right now are also increasingly magnified.

    So thank you for offering for us an opportunity to grow loving thoughts as a community.


  2. Of course! If I believe that All Are One including Mother Earth and All Creature Beings, then it makes sense that I would feel this dark energy in response to, indeed, along with Mother Earth.

    I have sensed other tragic events and thus have been called to send healing energy to victims and places, why not this time?

    Ahhh! My awakening is dependent upon yours. Thank you for your comment and your love.


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