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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Playing with posts

Instant gratification and I are like this: visualize fingers crossed here.

So.  This being Independence Day (Happy Birthday USA), I am figuring out how to blog (write) which is what I really want to do and not repeat myself or have to update six web-sites!  I want to put my thoughts on virtual-paper and be done with it.  I want to be "connected."  I want to keep up, show my pictures, find new friends, and, to be honest, gather readers.  All of these are payoffs for social networking in cyberspace. I hope.  So I'm in.  Finally.  After coaxing from many friends and family and much resistance.  I'm in.  All the way in.  Sucked in as one friend put it.

And that's what I don't want. 

I'd rather be gardening, like yesterday.  Mr. Friendly and I collaborated on a mulching project.  I'd weeded the farthermost section of our backyard one more time.  I'd spent several hours in the mud, fighting mosquitoes, sweating.  I did not want to do it again.   Ever.

I convinced Mr. Friendly to help me.  We loaded the pick up with a yard of "living mulch."  This mulch, I understand, is full of compost so it will not only act as a heat barrier and hold moisture, it will also continuously feed your plants.  And your weeds!  So we put down a poly-something-or-other barrier that will act as a weed block and probably still be there when our grandchildren are having children!

We perspired together.  Got filthy together.  Jumped into the pool to cool off together.  And fell into bed exhausted.  Not together exactly because Mr. Friendly snores.  The fifteen linear feet of happily weeded, blocked, and mulched garden looks fabulous.  We agreed to do the same to the rest of that garden.  Wow!  That only took twenty-eight years.  Progress!

Anyway, today here I sit at the computer.  One, because I wanted to check in with my cyber-community and two, because I'm so sore I can hardly stand up.  However, I never want to sit here for long.  So, bear with me as I navigate the enigma of how to post in one place and have it magically update everywhere.

I'll keep you posted. Ha!

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